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Nov 16, 2009 9:00am EST
into the northwestern area of the united states. looking at precipitation. that moisture is going to stay away from us for a while. even into wednesday, not really seeing any rain come through. wednesday night is when things could change for us, and then we'll see some rain wednesday night into thursday morning, and then it could last a little while for us, but should clear out for the weekend. today, 65 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy conditions should be very nice for us today. a little bit cooler than yesterday, and for tonight, 42 degrees, partly cloudy, crisp and cool, should be a very pleasant fall evening for us, and for tomorrow, 56 degrees, partly sunny, nice again, but still a little cooler tomorrow than where we saw things today. that wind is coming out of the north and bring something cooler drier air for us. tuesday, wednesday, they still look good, until wednesday night, then you they see a little bit of precipitation coming in wednesday night, lasting through until this, even lasting into the chances for friday, but then we should dry out and look very nice as we head into next weekend. b
Nov 23, 2009 9:00am EST
" was conceived for the stage. >> it's historic because this set has never been used in the united states for a play. so that's the first thing. it's digital. a combination of modern and back in the day. so you look at people on stage, at the same time you're looking at more. the set alone is incredible and a cast that will blow your mind. >> reporter: after this show in new york city it heads to charm city. as we found out the big apple crowd loves our hometown. >> i love baltimore. >> i love baltimore. >> my dad is a huge baltimore orioles fan. i remember going at a very young age and being so excited because i was in baltimore for the first time. >> i've got to get to the crab cakes. first and foremost. i didn't get a chance to visit charm city bakery. so i'm going there. >> i am very proud to be from baltimore. i love it. it's changed a lot since i was a kid. it's wonderful now. i love it. >> reporter: get ready because the show will low your mind. it's amazing. the set, costumes and it will be in baltimore december 16th. >> baltimore, come on out and support "dreamgirls." it's a lot
Nov 6, 2009 9:00am EST
in virginia. and he was born in virginia, and never been deployed outside of the united states. he is a u.s. citizen. he lived with another man, that appeared to be brothers but they never saw warning signs or anything unusual. >> it is crazy. you think someone is really nice or calm. i don't know what lit for him to do that. what triggered it. but honestly, they seemed like really cool and calm guys. >> she believes that they lived for years and then moved out a year ago. we're going to bring your more information as it develops this morning. we have a live report from ft. hood, texas in 5 minutes. and you can always log onto our website. we have the latest. >>> now to the obidate of a police officer that was stapped outside of a strip club. he is recovering this morning. he shot his attacker at kristina's female review. just after closing time the whole thing happened. at this point it is unclear what led up to the fight. police are saying that the officer was stabbed in the neck and the back before firing his weapon. the attacker was shot in the chest and is in serious condition. >>> t
Nov 3, 2009 9:00am EST
's having to cancel concerts in england, ireland and the united states. the 62-year-old singer is hoping to recover in time to rejoin the tour later this month when he and billy joel perform together in california. david beckham is leaving l.a. heading to italy to play soccer. that will give him a chance to make a world cup squad. he will stay with the l.a. galaxy through the end of the season. katey holmes will star in the indy film the romantic. she you places liv tyler who dropped out. the movie tells a story of eight college friend who is reunite for a wedding. katey holmes will be the made of honor the maid of honor. mel gibson is a dad again. he is the parents of a baby girl born friday. he has six sons and one doubt we are his estranged wife of 28 years. she filed for divorce last spring after news of his relationship became public. that's what's happening in hollywood. >> now you are all up-to-date on your entertainment news >>> top five next. stay with us. and that's how verizon fios works. any questions? so will the tv in my house look that amazing? yep. fios has 100% fiber opt
Nov 13, 2009 9:00am EST
in this for her. and she actually now works for operation christmas child. she came from bosnia to the united states. >> that is amazing. what would you say to somebody, well the economy is tight. this is not something that is going to break the bank, though. >> it's not going to break the bank. we asked for a donation of seven ends the box to help with the shipping. that money goes towards shipping. just a really cool thing they can do this year is she can go to donation on line go. to and when the box is shipped, they will e-mail them the country in which it's going to. so it's a neat connection they can with their box. >> where can they drop them off. >> there are lots of collection centers all over the baltimore area. our particular center is the grace community church. if you go to our website and put in your zip code, it will give you the closest donation center. >> so the time is to think about it. if you want more information, we'll put all of this on our sites, including the dropoff points. what great work. thank you very much for coming in. >>> look at this doro
Nov 10, 2009 9:00am EST
to nine other deaths. it took the biggest manhunt in the united states history to catch muhammad and his accomplice, lee boyd malvo, who is currently serving one of his eight life sentences with no . of parole. >>> -- possibility of parole. >>> lethal injection has been used since 1995 in virginia. the inmate has the option of lethal injection or electric chair. since 1995 there have been 75 lethal injections. there are currently 16 inmates in the state of virginia who are on death row. most inmates spend about seven years on death row before execution. keep it here on abc2 news for continuing coverage. execution of john allen muhammad. we're live at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. you can also follow the story on >>> for many women the rush of life can mean less time for your health. >> coming up next, we'll take a woman's journey and how an annual event is helping ladies improve overall health and wellness. >>> caring for the elderly can be stressful. how to not get exhausted taking care of family members and helping providers who are helping you. >>> and good for the tyranny
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6